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Texas Custom Grills 105-102 36" Shallow Black Firedisc Cooker

Texas Custom Grills

Texas Custom Grills 105-102 36" Shallow Black Firedisc Cooker

Regular price $299.95

DESCRIPTION: Texas Custom Grills 105-102 36" Shallow Black Firedisc Cooker

The Shallow 36-Inch Tall features a non-walled, shallow disc, which allows you to cook just about anything while reducing weight and preserving packing and storage space. The shallow disc is still “dished” to easily contain plenty of food. The tall (36-inch) stand puts the disc at a comfortable height.

Designed to pack light and cook everything from meat to veggies, the FireDisc Shallow 36-Inch Tall Portable Cooker is perfect for hunters, fishermen, campers and tailgaters. Unlike a BBQ, the FireDisc Shallow 36-Inch is highly portable, seamlessly disassembling for easy, flat storage in the trunk, truck or SUV — no screws, nuts or bolts to wrestle or lose. Plus, you get to choose black or red.

Setup and teardown takes minutes, and the cooker can be hooked up to either large or small propane tanks. A flexible stand allows you to cook on uneven ground, while a cooking surface that seasons like a cast-iron skillet brings restaurant-quality results to every meal. Cleanup is just as easy. Spray off the FireDisc with a hose, dry, and wipe with oil.

Built with bulletproof polished carbon steel and powder coated at 450°F, the FireDisc Shallow 36-Inch withstands the toughest of conditions. Mechanically designed for ease of use and portability, this cooker meets the highest standards achievable in BBQ products on the market.

Manufacturer Part Number: 105-102

General RV Part Number: 105-102

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