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Weber 6686 Weber Detailing Grill Brush


Weber 6686 Weber Detailing Grill Brush

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DESCRIPTION: Weber 6686 Weber Detailing Grill Brush 

Compact design with angled neck provides easy access to everything below the cooking grates. Twisted-wire brush secures bristles and is durable to really clean non-cooking grate grill parts within the cook box. 16 Inch in length. Ergonomic plastic grip for easy handling. Leather hang strap stores easily on tool hooks. Brushing cooking grates before or after every grill use is standard protocol, but cooking grates aren't the only grill components to get gunked up with food residue and grease. Cooking system parts below the grates-Flavorizer Bars, heat deflectors, burner tubes, etc. - should be cleaned periodically as well. For this task, Weber has created a specialized Detailing Brush to get your grill thoroughly clean below the grates. Use it for optimum grill performance and to extend the life of component grill parts.

Manufacturer Part Number: 6686

General RV Part Number: 6686

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