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Fastway E2 10K 2-Point Sway Control Hitch


Fastway E2 10K 2-Point Sway Control Hitch

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For the best and safest towing experience, you need the e2™ hitch, providing you with faster and easier weight distribution and sway control.

Old chain-style hitches don’t provide built-in sway control and add-ons are a hassle to remove when backing-up and making tight turns. The e2 hitch’s rigid brackets give you permanent sway control, so you can get on the road faster and enjoy your drive, without having to worry about extra add-ons to connect and remove for backing or making tight turns.

The Fastway® e2™ Hitch comes in round bar and trunnion styles. Both offer fast and easy built-in sway control and weight distribution. If ground clearance is a consideration in your setup, one of the e2 trunnion hitches will work great for you. Below are the hitches we offer in both the round bar and trunnion styles:

*Includes 2 5/16″ hitch ball installed

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