Gel-Gloss 32oz RV Hi-Speed Detailer

TR Industries

Gel-Gloss 32oz RV Hi-Speed Detailer

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Highly recommended for spot cleaning of exterior Gel Coat, fiberglass and painted RV surfaces. A water based product that makes spot detailing a quick and easy process by just spraying and wiping off the formula with a clean cloth. A dry detailer that requires no water. Contains the finest silicones and waxes with no abrasives. Extremely effective in quickly cleaning and restoring isolated sections of the RV surface.

What it is:
Quick, Easy RV Spray Detailer.

What it does:
Quick cleans and shines spot sections of the RV exterior. Creates a brilliant shine. No water necessary.

Use it on:
Exterior Gel-Coat, RV fiberglass and painted surfaces.

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