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ShurFlo 4008-101-E65 3.0 Revolution Water Pump


ShurFlo 4008-101-E65 3.0 Revolution Water Pump

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A Revolution in 12 VDC RV Water Pumps

The design for SHURflo's Revolution, 3 GPM, 55 PSI Fresh Water Pump revolves around its unique one-piece diaphragm and internal by-pass. Together this assures long life and top performance in RV and trailer based plumbing systems in which it is installed. The SHURflo's Revolution pump is also a mini powerhouse, delivering three gallons of water per minute to onboard sinks, toilets, showers and more at up to 55 PSI, while requiring only a reasonable power draw of 7.5 Amps from an onboard 12 VDC power source. Conveniently, it can be mounted in any position, is thermally protected, can run dry without damage and utilizes patent pending Flow Reaction Technology to reduce noise, vibration and excessive pump cycling. The result is the next legendary water pump from SHURflo that is both affordable on any budget, and is sure to exceed the expectations of customers and industry insiders alike.

Typical Applications

SHURflo 4008 series Revolution water pumps are created with everything from travel trailers, fifth wheelers, campers and motorhomes in mind. Within this range typical applications include multi-fixture RV adjustable by-pass fresh water pump installations, use in 12 VDC pressurized water systems in cabins or other locations away from standard plumbing and general water transfer systems. For other applications contact SHURflo.


  • Type - 4 chambered diaphragm with adjustable pressure switch and by-pass
  • Ports - ½”-14 NPSM-male.
  • Flow Rate GPM/LPM - 3.0 GPM [11.4 LPM]
  • Liquid - 130°F [54°C] max
  • Prime - 6 feet [1.82 M]
  • Inlet - 30 PSI [2.1 Bar] max
  • Run Dry - Yes
  • Motor - 12 VDC permanent magnet, intermittent duty
  • Protection - Thermal overload, automatic restart
  • Leads - 16 AWG, 16" [40 cm] Red +, 10" [33 cm] Black
  • Fuse - 10 Amp recommended
  • Control - Adjustable switch with check valve
  • Amps (max) - 7.5
  • Shutoff Pressure - 55 PSI [3.8 BAR]
  • Restart - 25 PSI [1.7 Bar]


  • 3 gallons per minute
  • 12 VDC powered
  • 55 PSI
  • Quiet operation
  • Modern 'green' design for reduction of hazardous waste and power consumption
  • Internal bypass-low cycling
  • Self-priming
  • Dimensions Inches/Millimeters - 4.9" x 8.1" x 4.3" [125 x 206 x 110 mm]
  • Built-in check valve
  • 2 year limited warranty

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