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Solera<sup>&reg</sup> Slide Topper

General RV Parts Catalog

Solera® Slide Topper

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Give your slide-outs extra protection from debris and water infiltration. These attractive and economical awnings automatically retract and extend with your slide-out and prevent leaves, bird droppings, and branches from damaging seals.


  • Attractive and economical protection for your slide out
  • Full coverage over the slide-out roof and the RV sidewall slide-out opening
  • Blocks leaves, bird droppings, branches and debris
  • Automatically retracts and extends with slide-out
  • Heated wedge welding for strong, leak-resistant seams
  • Flexible placement: Can be installed up to five inches above slide box trim
  • Fits slides ranging from 66" to 192" long and extending up to 48"

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