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Star Brite 40-195 Aqua Water Shock 16oz (D)

Star Brite

Star Brite 40-195 Aqua Water Shock 16oz (D)

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  • Instantly removes bad taste or smells from boat or RV’s potable water.
  • Ideal for use after seasonal storage to “freshen” water tanks.
  • Removes chlorine, sulphur, plastic or metal odor and taste.
  • Provides long-lasting effect, even in extreme temperatures.
  • 1 fluid ounce treats 10 gallons of water
  • NOTE: To maintain water quality year-round, use Star brite Aqua Water Treatment & Freshener.


Add 1 fluid ounce of Water Shock for every 10 gallons of potable water to be treated. Use as often as needed. Note: Water Shock is in concentrated form and must be diluted prior to drinking treated water. Do not drink or ingest at full strength; safe to drink only when diluted according to directions. After water tank and waterlines have been treated, use AQUA Water Treatment & Freshener to maintain water taste and smell on an ongoing basis. Note: If boat or RV has been in long-term or seasonal storage, or if water has strong taste or odor, use AQUA Water Tank & System Flush to clean and deodorize.


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