Thetford All-in-one Suction Kit Combination Staytion


Thetford All-in-one Suction Kit Combination Staytion

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NEW! Thetford's patented Combo Staytion includes the Storage Staytion(TM) and four other handy Staytion accessories!

- Storage Staytion(TM) is the suction-stick basket that holds soap bottles,sponges, and utensils.

- Toothbrush Staytion(TM) holds 2 Toothbrushes Securely!

- Bar Soap Staytion(TM) has self-draining bar soap holder. Now put bar soap out of shower spray to extend life

- Spray Staytion(TM) suction-sticks to hold shower head or hand sprayer. Now put spray head just where you want it

Each of these accessories features:
- Space saving
- Suction-sticks to any smooth, non-porous surface
- No adhesives or screws needed
- Strong -- holds up to 20 lb.
- Simple-to-use red line indicator... simply push and it's secure!

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