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Worthington Refillable Steel Propane Tank

Worthington Cylinders

Worthington Refillable Steel Propane Tank

Regular price $62.95


Worthington Cylinders manufactures both aluminum and steel portable propane tanks for use in multiple environments where larger cylinders make the job too cumbersome. For home or recreational use, stick to our convenient aluminum portable cylinders. If you have an industrial or commercial need we recommend our steel portable cylinders, which are also light weight, durable and convenient.

Steel portable product features:

  • Available in five sizes, ranging from 4.25 to 40 pounds for recreational, commercial, industrial and home applications
  • 4.25 to 40 pound sizes are equipped with an Overfill Prevention Device
  • Rust-inhibiting Durabond powder coat paint
  • Multiple valve configurations adaptable to customer requirements
  • Packaged in individual cartons or with heavy-duty sleeves for shipping protection and extra visual appeal


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